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How to Curb Student Vaping

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Proven Deterrence for School Vaping

With New Safety Features!

Real-time Vape Detection

With 12 unique sensors, the Halo can detect a multitude of chemicals with unlimited customization.   In addition accurately detecting vaping and whippets, the Halo is the only vape sensor that detects THC oil.

New Safety Features

Halo 2.0 software includes gunshot detection, Code-word security alarm for bullying and assault, improved alerting, and more!


Less False Alarms

With multiple sensors and advanced analytics, Halo settings are tailored for each room environment, removing false alarm that often occur from other sensors with disinfectants or body spray.

No Recurring Cloud Fees

The Halo is a vape detection sensor and security device that does not rely on a web app or cloud management system, so you won't have recurring cloud fees.

Integrated Device

In additional to text/email notifications, the Halo integrates directly into your security monitor and VMS - no need for a separate application or server.

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WGRZ News Clip

A high school in the heartland is going high tech in its efforts to stop vaping at school


Olentangy School District one of first in Ohio to test vape detectors


Colorado schools combating in-school vaping with new detection devices

HALO IoT Smart Sensor named 2019’s Best New Security Product

Case Study

Security Management Magazine - Glen Cove HS case study

Salem High School first in state to install vape detectors

Wasatch School District installs vape detectors at Wasatch High

Salamanca Schools Using New Technology to Stop Vaping

Check out the Halo Demo Video!

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See the New Features with Halo 2.0!

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