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Proven Vape Detection Solutions

to Deter Student Vaping


Dedicated to providing tools, technology, and knowledge 
to end the school vaping epidemic
Vaping continues to rise among students - now at pre-pandemic levels.
Take action to curb youth vaping with the Halo Smart Sensor
With New Safety Features!
Gunshot detection, Code-word security for bullying, and more!

School Administrators


Show parents and students you are fighting

the Student Vaping Epidemic

Rest assured you're installing technology that has successfully helped schools nationwide.

Turn the tide of kids trying out vaping by installing

vape detection where kids go vape.

Parent Organizations


See what Parent-Teacher/Booster organizations

are doing to help

Booster organizations equipping locker rooms with vape detection

Grant research and preparation through SafeSchools and State Drug Policy offices to fund deterrence measures

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